"The Orchestra - Dress Rehearsal"

This piece is contemporary in every sense of the word. While taking a humorous look at the world of classical musicians, each individualized character reflects the ethnic and gender diversity of orchestras today. When the piece is completed I plan on offering it to orchestras in various major cities across the country starting with Chicago and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It is my hope that a benefactor can be found who will see fit to acquire the piece for display in a prime location for all the orchestra's patrons to enjoy. PLAY VIDEO BELOW:

I am currently using as a means to generate the funds needed to finance the creation of a proper display case for the piece. For further information click here.

Here it is with the figures installed. Now we must find it a home.

Kickstarter Reward Photo

"The Orchestra - Dress Rehearsal"

By Lance Brown

Display Case Designed and Built by Goran Jelcic

Many thanks to the following contributors to my "The Orchestra - Dress Rehearsal" - Proper display case project:

Dr. Gary Dickey 

Patrick J. Gratton

Brother Charlie

Steve Leyva

Rich Armandi

Rosemary Crowley


Jerielle Young

Shawn Reis

Doug Lofstrom

Michael Duchemin

Ross Scordato

David Kaufman

Frank Portolese

Willa Moore

Lisa Leyva

Ryan Pearson

Steven Kanarian

Dekan Brown

Patrick Reninger

Allison Lee Freeman

Jenny Monroe

Grownup KidStuff

Cynthia Farias

Rebekah Levin

Jonas Friddle and the Majority

Nathan Kemp

Sue Fink

David Wyn Thomas

Paul Corning

Sara Laughlin

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